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Restored milk wagon on display

The restored milk delivery wagon featured on the April 27 Reminder cover can be viewed at the Barry County Fair this week. Larry Newman of Bellevue restored what remained of a rusted, decrepit wagon he found in a barn in Homer a few years ago, despite friends trying to dissuade him. “Just get back in the truck, and let’s go to lunch,” they said. “It’s not worth saving.” But Newman couldn’t walk away from the sad-looking castoff. The restoration project of what turned out to be a Lilliberk Farms milk wagon involved extensive research, schematics from the Smithsonian Institution, visits with Homer residents to try to learn more about Lilliberk Farms, and finding or making replacements for the many parts that could not be salvaged. The wagon, along with photos and clippings from area newspapers, can be seen in the northeast end of the Expo Building.


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