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Maple Valley powerlifter sets third state record

Maple Valley powerlifter sets third state record

Maple Valley junior Quentin Faynor set a new state record at 370 pounds for bench press in his weight class at the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association State Meet
Saturday at Ionia High School. But on the dead lift his 530-pound lift proved a bit more than his body could handle and he passed out. Faynor lifted the weights, dropped them, and then fell backwards. “I could see what was happening, but I couldn’t stop it,” Faynor said. Things went black when he hit the floor and he woke up about 10 seconds later to a group of coaches around him. Faynor smiled when talking about the experience, and said it showed how much he had pushed himself. He’s shooting for an even heavier total when he is a senior next year.

Ultimately Faynor took second in his 220- pound weight class after combining his 370 bench press and 530 dead lift with his 425 pound squat, for a 1325 total. He took second place to Kaleb Bastien of Ionia, who had a 1415 total, with a 325 bench press. It is Faynor’s third state record, after breaking the records for bench press and total weight for junior varsity in his 207-pound weight class last year. Faynor’s bench press in 2018 was 335 pounds and he put together a total lift of 1300 pounds.

Maple Valley’s four high school powerlifters Quentin Faynor (from left), Britani Shilton, Breanna Seavolt and Cameron Wells gave a student report at the meeting of the Maple Valley Board of Education Monday. All four qualified for the Michigan High School Power Lifting Association State Meet this season, which was held last weekend at Ionia High School. (Photo by Taylor Owens)

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