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Water closes 3 Mile Road near Prairieville
Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019 18:00 pm
Hastings Michigan News

Hastings Michigan News

Prairieville Township resident Mark A. Doster sent photos of the flooding at 3 Mile Road to J-Ad Graphics after alerting the county board and road commission of what he called a dangerous situation.

Greg Chandler

Staff Writer

Barry County Road Commission officials are trying to determine a course of action for water overflowing 3 Mile Road near Starr Lake in Prairieville Township.

Mark A. Doster, who said his great-grandfather built the causeway through Starr Lake, told county commissioners last week that the causeway is sinking and water is overflowing the road between Doster and Burchette roads. County board members referred Doster to the road commission. Officials there are trying to figure out what's causing the problem.

Three Mile was shut down at least twice this past summer because of water on the road. Last year, water levels receded in the fall, but that has not been the case this year.

“I have not noticed a structural issue that would lead to the road sinking,” Jake Welch, director of operations for the road commission, said in a telephone interview Friday.

The road commission has contracted with a geotechnical engineering firm to study earth and soil conditions around and under the road surface to try to determine why the area is flooding. The firm will be doing soil boring at the site sometime next week, with results from the study are expected in an additional two to four weeks.

“We're definitely looking at doing something before winter,” Welch said.

Three Mile is presently closed and barricaded in both directions until the issue of water over the road can be resolved. It's possible the road commission could close down the road for the winter, but any such decision would not come until the agency had a chance to review the geotechnical firm's report, Welch said.