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Pumping done for season on Crooked Lake

Luke Froncheck

Contributing Writer

At 927.05 feet, now a foot lower than its highest point this year, Crooked Lake pumping is done for the winter season. The pump, which has been taking 3000 gallons of water per minute from the lake, was turned off Wednesday. Decreased temperatures at night was the reasoning behind the move, according to Drain Commissioner Jim Dull.  Dull also expects the lake level to move a few inches above the current 972.05 ft. due to the rain of the past few days.

“Things are as good as they can be given the current situation,” Dull said.

Dull explained that if the temperature sinks below 32 degrees three days in row some of the animals who burrow into the bottom of the lake for the winter become settled and are thereby harmed by further pumping.

During the winter, Dull’s engineers plan to install piezometers under the ground on the Darrell Jones property. Once pumping begins in the spring, the water will then be able to be tracked so the drain commissioner can see where the water goes once it goes beneath the surface.

Dull also reported that his office is in the process of obtaining a permit for further pumping on Crooked Lake in the spring. Dull expects to have a meeting for the residents of Cloverdale and Long Lakes, which sit north of Crooked Lake, regarding the possible pumping into their lake of excess water from Crooked Lake.

Beavers have also been posing a major issue for the drain commissioner. Dull explained that beavers have been excessively plugging drains, relating that one woman could no longer get to her hunting spot without a pair of waders due to the damages done by the creatures.

The drain commissioner also said there is currently a pumping effort on Cloverdale Lake being that the water level is high again.


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