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Freshmen win HHS Spirit Week events

The freshmen class – at any school – generally has enthusiasm but lacks experience when it comes to homecoming activities. But the current freshmen class at Hastings High School set a new precedent for newbie status by taking first place in Spirit Week activities.

Winning classes, by category, were:

Hallway decorations – first place, freshmen; second, seniors; third, sophomores; and fourth, juniors.

Quiz Bowl – first place, sophomores; second, freshmen; third, juniors; and fourth, seniors.

Spirit Days – first place, freshmen; second, juniors; third, sophomore; and fourth, seniors.

Assembly games – first place, seniors; second, sophomores; third, juniors; fourth, freshmen.

Float building – first place, seniors; second, juniors; third, sophomores; and fourth, freshmen.

After scores were tallied, the freshmen class had the most points. The sophomore class took second place, and the juniors and seniors tied for third.








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