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Barry Township asking for police, fire, operating millages

Luke Froncheck

Staff Writer

Two more questions will be added to ballots for residents of Barry Township. In May, the township is set to ask residents to renew operating millages for its police and fire departments. Delton Kellogg School also will have a non-homestead operating millage on the ballot.

The township is again set to ask for up to 2 mills. The same millage was requested and approved four years ago. The reason the township is asking for “up to” 2 mills is so if either the police or fire department does not need the full amount in the coming year, the township would not have to collect the full amount and would save taxpayers money. For example, in 2019 the police department didn’t need the full 2 mills, so the township only levied 1.5.

For a home valued at $80,000, the cost to the taxpayer would be $74.24 for the full 2 mills on the fire bill and $66.50 for the 1.5 mills for the police.

Assuming the requests pass in May, they would not be on ballots again until 2024.

“This vote is the difference between Barry Township having a fire department and not having one,” Clerk Debra Knight said. “The police [department] might be able to sustain itself for a bit, but we just wouldn’t have the operating cost to keep the fire departments going.”

Even with the high stakes, Knight isn’t concerned about the millages' passing.

The Barry Township board of trustees approved the ballot addition during last week’s Tuesday Barry Township meeting.









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