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Stabbing case offers view of meth addiction

Taylor Owens

Staff Writer

Testimony in a Sept. 5 attempted murder case in Barry County drew a picture of a day in the life of meth addicts.

David Krebs, 30, of Vermontville, was bound over to circuit court on Nov. 14 to stand trial for the attempted murder of Anthony Collins.

The two had spent the day driving around Michigan getting and taking drugs with their mutual friend Dalton King.

In his testimony, King, 21, of Lake Odessa, said Collins drove him around to both inject and sell methamphetamine. They were on their way back from Greenville with Sara Smith, 19, when the attack allegedly occurred on Barber Road north of Hastings.

Collins said he was in the front passenger seat, and Krebs was seated behind him, when Krebs asked him if he was OK. When Collins didn't respond, Krebs reached up and slit his throat, then began stabbing him.

According to testimony, Krebs stabbed Collins 11 times, both inside and out of the vehicle.

Krebs fled on foot, but was tracked down by the Barry County Sheriff's K-9 Unit and arrested.

With the scar on his neck plainly visible in court, Collins testified that Krebs had reached forward with his left arm to slit his throat from his right side to his left.

Collins said he couldn't remember exactly what happened. He said Krebs stabbed him at least once in the car after slitting his throat, but how many times he was stabbed in the car or as he was trying to flee Collins did not know. He recalled pushing Krebs away and then running to a nearby house, where a woman was fixing dinner with her children.

“Once I got away, I ran towards the house, and opened their door, and collapsed in their arms.”

The woman wrapped his neck in a towel and called 911. Collins said she saved his life.

Collins testified in November that he’d been stabbed 11 times, in his back, shoulders, arm, wrist and fingers. He was in the hospital four or five days and had undergone at least two surgeries. One surgery removed the knife from his arm, and the second removed most of one lung, which had been irreparably damaged.

King, who is currently serving time in state prison, also testified in the case. King said he has been friends with Collins for three or four months.

Both Collins and King were given immunity from prosecution for their testimony.

“I met him in Barry County Jail,” King said. “He was doing nine days. I was doing nine months for fleeing and eluding and possession of meth.”

King said he has known Krebs for more than a year.

“David had been at my house a few days, he didn’t really have any place to go. We both had warrants for our arrest. We’d both been hanging out together for about a week or so.”

King said both he and Krebs had been taking meth and marijuana during that time. Krebs visited King that day “to get high … and to take me around so I could sell drugs myself, so I had a ride, 'cause my girlfriend had to go to work and pick up the kids.”

The three men left for the house in Delton, making a number of stops along the way to sell meth. When they arrived at the house, King said he injected meth. “Anthony, I think, snorted some, but I don’t think David got high on meth at all.”

Afterward, King said he and Collins left the house and went to King’s residence in Lake Odessa. He said they stayed there with King’s girlfriend and another woman and got high until both women had to leave.

Then they went back Delton to pick up Krebs, and drove to Greenville to pick up Smith and her dog.

King testified he wasn’t aware of any ill will between Collins and Krebs, and that Collins had not done anything to provoke Krebs.

They were on the way back to Hastings to pick up clean “rigs,” or needles, to inject more meth when the assault occurred.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. March 12, 2020.


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