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Flooding fight continues in a race against Mother Nature

The 12-inch pump on the former Darrell Jones property took a bit of work before Drain Commissioner Jim Dull could get it started.

Luke Froncheck

Staff Writer


Earlier this week, Drain Commissioner Jim Dull knew he could start pumping water soon.

The question is: Was it soon enough?

As temperatures increase, water levels on lakes throughout southern Barry County continue to rise.

Crooked Lake’s level has continued to get higher, and water is already creeping across the portion of M-43, west of Cloverdale Lake, that was closed for an extended period last year.

Even with warm weather, Dull couldn't switch the pumps on until there was at least 40 feet of open water between ice on the lake and the shoreline.

As ice continued to melt, by Wednesday it was safe to start pumping.

Yet, while rain helped ice recede from the shoreline, it was a double-edged sword. Because the water keeps rising, any precipitation is detrimental to their efforts to lower lake levels, Dull said.

Barry County residents can expect “a large rain event” on Thursday evening, Joe Ceru, a National Weather Service representative from Grand Rapids, said.

Maximum temperatures should remain consistently in the upper 40s into next week with overnight lows dropping near freezing, Ceru said.



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