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State order requires city to correct problems at treatment plant



Hastings City Council responded Monday to a corrective order from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy over problems at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

Negotiations between the city and state over what to do about those problems resulted in a final draft of a proposed administrative consent order, City Manager Jerry Czarnecki told the Banner. The city received that final draft from the state last week.

After a brief closed session Monday, the council unanimously authorized Czarnecki to sign the order.

Now that the council has OK’d the deal, once the state agrees to it, it will be binding – and it will become public, he said.

But, until the state inks the deal, Czarnecki declined to elaborate on any specific details, including what the cost would be to the city.

“We have a corrective order from EGLE that we have to do at the wastewater treatment plant,” he said. “What we did for our action [tonight] is for me to sign, then pass on for EGLE to sign. Once it is executed, it will be published and we will have more information.”

The issues identified by EGLE at the plant involved “a series of problems that we have to address,” Czarnecki said, noting that the problems present no threat to public health.

The corrections agreed to are “going to make the operations at our wastewater treatment plant more efficient,” he added. “This is more staying on top of maintenance, reporting on time. … There is no harm to residents.

“We have a permit that has requirements that we have to meet. This is basically them [EGLE] telling the city that we missed meeting some of those requirements.

“There will be more details coming out once it’s been executed.”















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