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What forum participants want to know

Of the 122 comments and questions TowerPinkster compiled from a Nov. 4 community forum in Hastings, the following questions and comments were the most frequently asked. Of these, cost and how these projects would be funded was a major concern. Twelve of the questions concerned demographics, and 11 were related to a possible location for the jail and/or Commission on Aging facility.

The following were among the top questions, comments and suggestions:

-Could any other buildings be repurposed for the Commission on Aging or a jail?

-What are possible locations where these facilities could be built?

-What methods of funding have been considered, besides millage?

-Haven’t the taxpayers spoken twice in regard to more taxes?

-What took commissioners so long to have this discussion instead of all this money spent on these issues?

-Why can’t these two groups start fundraising, like the library did, then build new after sufficient funds are raised?

-What is the average tax burden of comparable counties?

-Why are these two projects being addressed at the same time? Concentrate on one at a time.

-We hear this remark: “We need good information from the community so we can make good decisions.” Who is ‘We’?

-How much would it cost?

-What is being spent now to maintain each building?

-Can a second story be added to house offices and storage facilities?

-Why was more time and information [during the forum presentation] spent on the jail?

-Concerned about an outdated jail with poor layout and location, security risks for inmates and staff.

-Why haven’t safety issues been addressed at the jail?

-What do you do with inmates while you build/renovate?

-How do you determine future number of beds needed at the jail?

-Make the jail as unfriendly as possible so criminals will want to stay out of it.

-Do jail transfers from other areas cause overcrowding here?

-When talking about the COA, you talked about the county aging. When you talked about the jail, you said the county is growing. Together, those two scenarios don’t make sense. Explain.

-Would building plans be designed to accommodate growth?

-Why not recycle? Use what we have, don’t create more.

-Does TowerPinkster not see the conflict presented by espousing this project and then acting as construction manager?

-Will TowerPinkster be bidding on the construction?


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