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Barry County board learns about road funding
Thursday, 16 May 2019 18:00 pm
Hastings Michigan News

Hastings Michigan News

Barry County Road Commission Managing Director Brad Lambert provided the department's annual report to county commissioners Tuesday.

Expenditures were $15 million in 2018, he said.

Looking ahead,  they are planning to gravel 2,500 yards in each of the county's 16 townships this year, Lambert said.

The main source of the county road commission is the Michigan Transportation Fund, which is comprised of state fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees. The funds are distributed using the following formula: 39.1 percent for the state and county and 21.8 percent for cities and villages.

As far as the proposed 45-cent hike in Michigan's fuel tax, Lambert said the issue has got people talking, which is good. But, under that plan as proposed, 73 percent of the funding would go to the state which would mean less funding for the county.

Under the current fuel tax, at 26.3 cents per gallon, the road commission receives $5.3 million, Lambert said.

If the 45-cent hike were to be enacted as proposed, the county road commission would receive $1.95 million.

The state Senate Fiscal Agency has estimated that each cent increase in the fuel tax would raise about $46 million annually to fix roads, so a 45-cent hike would raise close to $2.1 billion for roads. However, the formula would result in less funding for the county roads and more for state roads.


In other action, the board approved:


• The purchase of an integrated public safety software platform commensurate with current technological advances to the law enforcement Records Management System and Jail Management System from CentralSquare Technologies for $206,229 with funds to be paid from the Data Processing Fund.

• A $48,222 expenditure to repair a broken chiller unit at the sheriff’s office and jail facility.

• The appointment of James French of Middleville to serve on the Barry County Jury Board for the term beginning May 1, 2019, and ending April 30, 2025, as recommended by county Chief Judge William Doherty.


•  The 2020 budget calendar and a Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan resolution establishing authorized signatories for the county.


     • A Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan resolution establishing authorized signatories.


• The fiscal year 2020 Office of Community Corrections grant application, as proposed by community corrections administrator Tammi Price.


• Payment of invoices amounting to $5,104,806.93, claims of $112,794.66 and commissioner reimbursements for mileage for $659.63.

The board also heard a report from Frank Fiala on the success of the Household Hazardous Waste pickup at the Barry County fairgrounds on May 4.