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Delton Kellogg names new school board member

Luke Froncheck

Staff Writer

Delton resident Craig Jenkins is the newest addition to the Delton Kellogg Board of Education.

Jenkins was selected after he and one other applicant were interviewed during the board’s regular Monday meeting.

Jenkins, who has been living in the Delton area for three years now, comes from Freeport. His wife graduated from Delton  in 1997.

I’m stupid in love with my community,” Jenkins said during his interview. “I see this opportunity as a great way to serve my community.”

Jenkins works as an auditor in risk management. He said that his job is about tearing apart a situation and either finding a solution or getting the best person to find one.

Jenkins has been a regular attendee of school board meetings since Christmas. His attendance played into board Vice President Jim McManus’s decision to nominate him. The board approved McManus' nomination, 4-0. Both Rodney Dye and Robert Houtrow were absent.

Delton alumni Doreen Stanton also was interviewed for the opening. She worked as an accountant for 10 years and has been volunteering at Delton for the past few years. During her interview, Stanton expressed her deep passion for education and her love of young people.

I’m glad this is a really hard decision,” Secretary Jessica Brandli said.

After the selection was made, the board encouraged Stanton to stay involved. McManus directly mentioned his desire to see Stanton on the board in the future.

Superintendent Kyle Corlett also gave his “State of the District” address during the regular meeting. He touched on district successes, such as increasing teacher salaries by 1.25% and voter approval of the $23 million bond request. Corlett also reported that, during the last school year, the district expanded art programs in the middle and high school.

Delton Kellogg is dealing with a slow decline in student enrollment, but Corlett said there are several new initiatives, such as a district podcast, beginning this year with a focus on drawing in more students.

Corlett said that, rather trying to compete with larger schools in terms of the number of programs offered, he would rather focus on making Delton the best at the programs it does offer.

Former board member Marsha Bassett, who was in the audience, said that the Delton Kellogg Education Foundation board, which she serves on, is currently seeking new members.

In other action, the board:

• Approved reassigning second-grade teacher Kevin Lillibridge to sixth-grade teaching to fill a vacancy.

• Extended food service hours to make way for this year’s new free breakfast program.

• Ratified a $4,565,000-bond resolution.

• Approved the audit engagement letter with Gabridge and Company of Grand Rapids.

• Extended the hours of Dawn Fluty and Janie Tolles to support the new free breakfast initiative.

• Approved the bid from Rayhaven for $66,946 to replace the high school locker room lockers.

• Approved the bid from B&V Mechanical for $67,100 to replace the high school air conditioner.

• Approved the paraprofessional handbook for the 2019-20 school year.

• Approved the elementary and middle school handbooks for the 2019-20 school year.

• Approved hiring: Middle school paraprofessional Piper Ward, fifth-grade teacher Cynthia Estep, second-grade teacher Ashley Stanton, middle school special education paraprofessionals Susan Renee and Vicki Anderson, food service worker Tasha Root, bus driver Carrin Macomber.

• Accepted the resignations of the following individuals: Dayna Cantu, who took a job closer to home in Lansing; Anthony DeRosa, who got married and relocated to the Flint area; and Dakeitha Davis, who found a new job opportunity.


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