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Kiwanis honors students as citizens of the month

Kiwanis honors students as citizens of the month

The Kiwanis Club of Hastings recently recognized the citizens of the month at Hastings schools. Teachers choose which students receive the honor for behavior, respect, cooperation and other traits. Fifth-graders from the elementary schools are eligible, as are middle school students.

Earning the citizen of the month honor for February and March at their respective schools are:

Central Elementary – Amore Pummill, daughter of Joshua and Sabrina Pummill; Taylin Wierenga, son of Lisa Hamp; Korbin Williams, son of Heather Jones; and Gracie Wilson, daughter of Katie Gould and Adam Wilson.

Northeastern – Olivia Bucher, daughter of Stephanie and Yon Bucher; Madison Chipman, daughter of Martha and Scott Chipman; Ethan Holman, son of Tiffany Zimmer and Dan Holman; and Caleb Kilmer, son of Jenelle and David Kilmer.

Southeastern Elementary – Nathan Auten, son of Michelle and Mike Auten; Ellie Hill, daughter of Jeremy and Tracy Adams; Hayle Rivera, daughter of Sara and Daniel Rivera; and Nick Rosenberg, son of Jimmy Rosenberg and Kelly Hull.

Star School – Jayla Ellwood, daughter of Randy Ellwood and Randy Padilla; Madison Elzinga, daughter of Nate and Jenny Elzinga; Carisa Rosenberger, daughter of Shawn and Ruth Rosenberger; and Katelyn Smith, daughter of Jonathon and Sirena Smith.

Hastings Middle School – Cole Arent, son of Kevin Arent and Candice Elliot; Mekih Botsford, son of Kirbee and Joey Diekhoff; Diego Coipel, son of Heather and Rudy Coipel; Sydnie Franklin, daughter of Amber Franklin; Jocelyn Hernandez-Hernandez, daughter of Remigio Hernandez and Laura Hernandez-Virgilio; Micah Johnson, son of Brad Johnson; Graycee McCarty, daughter of Joseph and Courtney Stevens; Aiden Morton, son of Stephen and Megan Morton; Charlie Nickels, son of Mike and Lin Nickels; Tyler Oliver, son of Stacey and Eric Oliver; Hayley Rasey, daughter of Jeremy and Lacey Rasey; and Victoria Tack, daughter of Amy Roush-Tack and Brain Tack.


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