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Big plans after the big day for Hastings senior class

Big plans after the big day for Hastings senior class

Joan Van Houten Staff Writer  Hastings High School graduating class of 2019 celebrated commitments to postgraduate plans at Decision Day on May 10.

More than 190 senior students attended the event and were recognized for their choices on the next step to building a secure and successful career.

“This is an emotional moment for me. I've watched these students learn and grow from when they were in middle school. They are an amazing group of young adults,” Superintendent Carrie Duits said. Duits is retiring on May 31.

State Rep. Julie Calley, R-Portland, the featured speaker, shared some of what she has learned from her experiences. Most important, she said, “Don't be afraid to fail or to make a mistake because you will do both.”

Calley said success comes with the lessons learned from falling and getting back up.

“My plan is to go to college and come back to work on our family farm with my brother, my dad and my grandpa. I've always known that's what I would do,” graduating senior Devin Haywood said.

Student Counselor Cathy Longstreet said she was excited to see so many students attend. It was the largest turnout thus far for Decision Day, she said, which indicates to her that encouragement to think and plan for the future is making a difference for seniors.

Opportunities the students have committed to included traditional two- and four-year college degrees, military service, advanced manufacturing assembly training, carpenters and millwrights programs, career and technical education and certification, and entering the “world of work.”

Margie Haas, coordinator for Barry Career Access Network, said all the choices provide postgraduate education; even when choosing to go directly into the workforce. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, specialized training and apprenticeship programs where certifications can be earned.

The Hastings school district provides a growing list of career technical education programs, such as welding, construction, electronics, computer programing, and culinary arts. CTE courses offer other opportunities and choices to students who may have decided traditional college is not for them.

“I am so proud of our kids. This is truly a very special, talented group of students,” high school Principal Teresa Heide said.

The students attending Decision Day and their commitment after graduation are:

Concordia University, Ann Arbor – Rian Allen and Whitney Carlson.

U.S. Marines – Paul Coppock and Bryce Darling.

Michigan State University – Claire Anderson, Noah Former, Devin Haywood, Elizabeth Jensen, Kenzie Maki-Mielke, Roger Roets, Dylan Schaffer and Blake Walther.

Hope College – Jessica Thompson.

Concordia University, Wisconsin – Lynnsey Thayer.

West Point – Jack Horton.

Kellogg Community College – Miranda Armstrong, Cora Carpenter, Alexis Chaffee,

Shannon Culp, Jarrod Endsley, Joseph Faubert, Olivia Feldt, Ryan Flikkema, Amber Fox, Matashe Glasgow, Ocar Conzalez-Perez, Sean Green, Mikayla Guernsey, Cameron Haight, Tobin Haines Jr, Daisy Hannan, Sadie Hannan, Hannah Hawblitz, Hanna Hayes, Jaden Hickmand, Keely Jackson, Matthew Jacob, Arthur Kensington, Desiree Kowalewski, Shaelee MacLeod, Brea Madden, Nathan Madden, Andrew Maurer, Dylan Mead, Kyrsten Mesecar, Shiann Molette, Luke Morgan, Mackenzie O'Toole, Hailey Pacillo, Chloe Park, Emmalee Peck, Connor Peterson, Miya Phillips, Kasandra Pittman, Caitlin Rose, MacKenzie Rosenberg, Sohpia Smith, Grayson Tebo, Jordan Thompson, Makaela Twigg, Spencer Tyson, Allison Vastine, McKenzie Vincent, Dakota Work, and Trinity Yoder.

Kellogg Advanced Manufacturing Assembly Training – Prescot Bower, Jonathan Haywood, James Miller, Merlyn Olsen, and Seth Ray.

Eastern Michigan University – Hannah Porter.

Grand Valley State University – Lauren Harden, Audryana Holben, Gretchen James, Kassidy Morgan, Grace Nickels, Kassidi Olson, Mitike Slagstad, and Katelyn Solmes.

Kalamazoo College – Katherine Haywood.

University of Michigan – Victoria Byykkonen, Alexis McDada, Claudia McLean, Katura Metzner, Hope Peck, Megan Roe, Samuel Waller, and Mary Youngs.

U.S. Air Force – Maxwell Richards and Andrew Shaver.

Ferris State University – Rylee Andrews, Alfredo-Jose Arechiga, Thomas Carpenter, Alexander Clow, Garrett Gibson, Hunter Poe, Hayden Redmond, Zarek Rudesill, Alexis Ruthruff, Matthew Sherman, Kenneth Smith, and Juan Vargas.

Exchange students – Galina Schiller, returning to Germany; Ida Andersen, returning to Norway; and Emma Mathiesen, returning to Norway.

Adrian College – Cameron Ertner and William Hubbell.

Lansing Community College – Blair Anderson and Jacob Pennington.

Saginaw Valley State University – Kaitlyn Elliot.

Lake Superior State University – Jessica Gaskill.

Michigan Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center – Kyle Potter.

Grace Christian University – Clarissa Parish.

Grand Rapids Community College – Shelby Bolen, Megan Deal, Kelsey Heiss, Alicia Hernandez, Gabrielle Nicholson, Rylee Nicholson, and Joseph Tinkler.

Central Michigan University – Olivia Hanson.

Southwestern Michigan College – Jamison Getch.

Michigan Career and Technical Institute – Brady Corrion, Joseph Kidder, and Corbin Sackrider.

Davenport University – Corbin Hunter and Teight Turnes.

World of work – Meghan Borton, Thomas Burke, Tyler Chaney, LaKotah Claspill, Devin DeMatto, Jacon Gay, Breann Hall, Rylee Hayes, Devyn Heath, Wesley Heniser, Aaron Johns, Jace Kill, Saebien Krebs. Ashton Lawens, Deagan Leask, Braeden Lowell, Isaac Luedecking, Wesley McClelland, Donoven Melchert, Andrew Miller, Philip Morris, Cody Murphy, Rickey Myer, Jaden Parker, Connor Parmenter, Chelsey Powers, Antonio Ramirez, Richard Reaser, Brandon Reese, Alicia Rivera, Nathan Schild, Kaitlyn Shook, Jalen Simmons, Matthew Stiles, Isaiah Taylor, Emmalee VanSyckle, Paige Woern, Cade Wright, and Carmen Zalewski.

Michigan Technological University – Cody Dunn.

Mid Michigan College – Stephanie VanRavenswaay.

Northwestern Michigan College – Haliegh Burfield and Devon Dilno.

St. Mary's College – Grace Beauchamp.

Western Michigan University – Lindsay Meeker, Catherine O'Brien, Sydney Pattock, Hannah Radloff, Benjamin Stafford, and Kassaundra Warner.

Spring Arbor University – Allison Collins.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College – Maggie Spencer, Bailey Summers, and Hailey Wilcox.

Aquinas College – Nicholas Simonton and Elisabeth Youngs.

Aveda Institute – Sadie Maitland and Haley Stuart.

University of Mississippi – Allie Horning.

Iowa State University – Lainey Tomko.

U.S. Navy – Julia Ehredt and Breana Leonard.


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