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Hastings water plant power

Hastings water plant power

Water plant power

A new generator is installed Tuesday morning at the Hastings water treatment plant and for one of the groundwater wells that supplies water to the plant for treatment and distribution. The city has had to rely on a portable generator to power one of the supply wells and pump water directly into the distribution system in the case of a power outage, City Manager Jeff Mansfield said. “This new generator will supply power to the groundwater well that feeds the plant, and to the full water treatment plant itself,” he said, “allowing complete treatment of water in the event of major power interruption.” The new generator will automatically activate in the event of a power failure, providing more reliable backup and an uninterrupted supply of water into the distribution system during power outages. The installation of the generator is the last step in a program of comprehensive upgrades to the control system at the water plant that has been underway for several years now, he said.

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