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Castle sets stage for magical Halloween

Halloween is going medieval tonight, with a castle show on Indian Hills Drive in Hastings. (Photo by Taylor Owens)

Taylor Owens

Staff Writer

After wowing residents with a pirate ship last year, Indian Hills Drive resident Skyler Tripp and rest of the Trilanders multisport club built a medieval show this year.

The castle in Tripp's yard is just a part of the show that will take place from 5 to 8 tonight. A dragon, wizard, explosion, guillotine and more secrets will be part of the event, he said.

Tripp said it took about 70 to 100 hours to put everything together – and there will 15 people working on the show and handing out candy.

“We're just a bunch of knuckleheads that want to put a Halloween show together,” Tripp said.

It's the fifth year that Tripp and the group have put on something special for Halloween. When he arrived home recently he found a group of kids on bicycles in front of his house, excited to see what this year's show would be.

“We're just making memories for kids,” Tripp said.

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