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Lake flooding abounds in Barry County

Luke Froncheck

Staff Writer

Eight lakes in Barry County are in a state of flooding, county Drain Commissioner Jim Dull said.

Here's Dull's status report of the situations at those eight lakes:

  1. Pine Lake. The natural level sits at 890.4 feet. It is currently at 894.1 feet.  Dull reported that it is 6 inches higher than historically reported.  Some 37 residents have sent Dull's office images of their flooded houses and garages. Pine Lake is in northwestern Prairieville Township.
  2. Crooked Lake. The last recorded level is 928.125 feet. Dull said it has dropped three-eighths of an inch since the last time the drain commission office checked. The pumping to the former Darrell Jones property is underway. Dull said that pumping is making a difference because, since pumping began, “we got 5 inches of rain and still brought the lake down 2 inches.” Crooked Lake is in Barry and Prairieville townships.
  3. Wall Lake. This lake is 4 or 5 inches above its normal level. There is some property owner concern over flooding on the Little Cedar. He also says the drain commission has not been able to get easements from property owners. Once easements are obtained, a permit can be filed with the state office of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. Wall Lake is in southern Hope Township.
  4. Shelp Lake. This lake is 6 feet above Pine Lake's level, putting it at 900.1 feet. According to Dull, the water is high, but the people on the lake are not seeking any intervention. Shelp Lake is in northwestern Prairieville Township.
  5. Wiley Lake. This lake is “just high,” Dull said. There is no reported lake level, no outlet, and still some affected residents. Wiley Lake is in southeastern Orangeville Township.
  6. Cloverdale Lake. The relief for high water here is currently underway now that work has begun to open M-43 east of the lake. Some 800 gallons of water is being put into the lake from the swamp east of the road while 900 gallons of water is being taken out of the Cloverdale Lake and pumped into Long Lake. Cloverdale Lake is in Hope Township.
  7. Wilkinson and Jones lakes. These two lakes are connected to Cloverdale Lake. As Cloverdale Lake’s level is lowered, the water level on these two lakes will be brought down as well. Wilkinson and Jones lakes are in southwestern Hope Township.


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