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Delton Kellogg raises substitute teacher pay

Taylor Owens Staff Writer, The Delton Kellogg Board of Education voted to raise substitute teacher from $75 to $85 in a regular meeting Monday to help fill more vacancies.

The school had an 84-percent success rate in obtaining substitutes this year. Superintendent Kyle Corlett said Hastings schools pay $85 per day and Thornapple Kellogg schools pay $90.

Trustee Robert Houtrow said Delton Kellogg should also raise its pay to $90 because, he pointed out, it costs more to pay staff teachers to fill the absence for the day if they do not obtain a substitute, and abstained from the vote. Trustees Marsha Bassett and Jessica Brandli were absent, but the remaining four board members voted in favor of the motion.

Corlett said the change is expected to cost $2,000 annually, and would cost almost another $1,000 to raise the amount to $90.

He pointed out that there are a number of factors which lead to a failure to fill vacancies, such as teachers posting substitute requests the night before or morning of the day they are needed, and Delton Kellogg's rural location. But he said the school has a number of reliable regular substitutes he does not want to lose to other school districts because they pay more.

Corlett said the administration and board could review the raise in a year to judge its success and determine if changes need to be made. The raise also will affect half-day and long-term substitute positions. Trustee Kelli Martin said it was the first raise in substitute teacher pay since the early 2000s.

Elementary School Principal Karmin Bourdo presented on the new after-school student programs this year. She polled students on what they would like for an activity after school every Tuesday and found coding and board games to be popular picks. The school hosted six weeks of coding and six weeks of board games, with at least 30 students participating every week.

Bourdo also discussed two reading programs the elementary test piloted in kindergarten through fourth grade to replace the current program which has been in place since 2007. The administration chose to enter negotiations with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to use the program for six years. It will be piloted in fifth- through eighth-grade classrooms this fall. Bourdo the program was chosen in large part because the teachers and students had the best experience with the technology and communication with the company.

The board appointed trustee Jim McManus to vote for candidates for the Barry Intermediate School District Board. There are two candidates for two seats: Delton Kellogg Food Service Director Sharon Boyle and former Hastings and Delton Kellogg Superintendent Carl Schoessel.

The board voted to accept the BISD general fund budget after it was presented by BISD Superintendent Rich Franklin.

Paraprofessional Bryce Shaner resigned after her husband accepted a job in Wisconsin and JV boys' basketball coach Jesse Lyons resigned to spend time with his daughter who will play JV girls' basketball.

In other business, Tim Goggins was appointed a summer school credit recovery teacher. Title One summer school teachers appointed were: Heather Tack, Matraca Tolan, Katie LeBeck, Shasta Waller, Ben Munsell, Sunday Bosworth, Ahsley Stanton, Chelsea Matousek, Kirsten Herpst and coordinator Jennifer Ferguson.

The board approved a pilot chemistry class, “Chemistry in the Earth System,” for students who struggle with the mathematic aspects of chemistry, and added marine engines to the small engines curriculum after an engine and parts were donated by area businesses.

A budget hearing will take place at 6:45 p.m. June 10, with the regular board meeting to follow at 7 p.m. in the elementary school media center.

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