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Drunk driving woman tells officer he’s going to ‘nail her’

A motorist flagged an officer down on Patterson Road near Finkbeiner Road in Middleville on the evening of July 4, reporting that a vehicle had been driving recklessly and weaving back and forth between lanes.. When approaching the suspected vehicle, the officer said it seemed that the woman driving had her leg up on the dash. When the officer approached the woman, she handed her phone to him. The officer then asked why she gave him her phone, to which she responded, “I have no idea.” She said she was coming from a wedding party. When the officer asked how much she had to drink she said she drank at “10 o’clock.” The officer asked how much she had to drink, and she responded “10 o’clock” again. When the officer asked the woman to leave the vehicle she said, “No you’re going to nail me.” The officer asked her if she felt that she had drank too much and she responded, “I feel like you’re going to nail me.” The woman refused to take a breathalyzer test, but the officer observed the woman's dilated pupils and slurred speech. She was then transported to Barry County Jail without incident.


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