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Police arrest driver with blood alcohol count of 0.41

Police were alerted that a driver was weaving across the road, approaching Hastings on West State Road at 3:55 p.m. May 25. An officer stopped the vehicle on Woodlawn Avenue in Hastings after seeing it cross into the oncoming lane. The 51-year-old driver said he had about seven beers. The officer asked the man to perform sobriety tests and the man replied, “What's the sense? I'm drunk.” The man took a Breathalyzer test with a result of 0.343, and was taken to the hospital where a blood test showed he had a 0.41 blood alcohol content. He was then taken to jail on his third operating-while-intoxicated offense.

Intoxicated driver arrested in Middleville

An officer stopped a vehicle with a loud exhaust at the corner of Main Street and Broadway in Middleville at 2:40 a.m. June 2 . The officer smelled intoxicants in the vehicle. The 35-year-old Wayland woman registered a 0.141 blood alcohol content and was arrested.

Car theft turns into hit-and-run

An officer was dispatched on a complaint of a stolen vehicle at 6:40 p.m. May 30 in the 11000 block of Stagecoach Drive in Johnstown Township. A 44-year-old Battle Creek man called police to say a vehicle he gave to his daughter was stolen while she was in the hospital. At the residence of the daughter, a roommate told the officer a 37-year-old Dowling man had taken the vehicle. The officer then received a call regarding an accident involving a vehicle that matched the description of the stolen vehicle. The officer talked to the 36-year-old Lansing woman and 37-year-old Lansing man who had been in the accident involving the vehicle. They described the suspect, and said he had fled the scene. The officer found the suspect back at the residence on Stagecoach Drive. The man told the officer he was not driving at the time, but a woman he could not name had crashed the vehicle and driven away. The man was arrested for taking the vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and three warrants for child neglect from Calhoun County along with one warrant for failure to appear in court from Battle Creek.

Minor arrested for drinking before driving

An officer observed a vehicle crossing the centerline on Yankee Springs Road near Deep Lake Road in Yankee Springs Township at 3:16 p.m. June 1. The officer smelled intoxicants in the vehicle, and the 18-year-old Wayland driver tested for a 0.071 blood alcohol content, and his 20-year-old male passenger from Allegan tested at 0.139. The driver was arrested and processed, then released.

Employee arrested for embezzlement

A 41-year-old Hastings business owner called police May 28 to report one of his employees embezzling at the 400 block of Timberwood Drive. The man said $100 was missing from his employee clipboard, and that he never had issues with missing money until he hired the 29-year-old Hastings man. The officer interviewed the employee who confessed to taking the money before taking the $100 bill out of his vehicle and returning it to the business owner. The officer arrested the man, who also had a warrant for embezzlement from January.

Man reportedly drove 125 mph while under the influence

Police were called on a vehicle traveling 125 miles per hour on M-43 near the Hastings Walmart at 11:29 p.m. June 1. An officer who pulled over the vehicle on Center Street smelled intoxicants. The 22-year-old Hastings driver denied speeding or reckless driving, but admitted to having a loud exhaust. He tested at a blood alcohol content of 0.116.
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