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Purse stolen from Walmart shopper's cart

A 68-year-old Hastings woman reported her purse stolen from her cart at Walmart in Hastings at 9:08 p.m. Sept. 20. The woman said she left the store with her purse in the cart. She then pushed the cart into the corral, and realized she no longer had her purse when she got into her vehicle. When she went back for her purse, it was gone. Security footage from the parking lot showed another woman taking the purse after pushing her own cart into the corral. The case remains under investigation.


Stolen car left at church

A 49-year-old Plainwell man called police at 9:39 p.m. Sept. 21, to report a suspicious person at the Peace Reformed Church in Thornapple Township. The complainant said a suspicious man parked his vehicle at the church, cited electrical problems with the vehicle, then was picked up by someone else. An officer arrived and found the vehicle's plate was registered stolen from Allegan County earlier that day, and that the vehicle might have been stolen from a dealership. An Allegan County Sheriff's Deputy picked up the vehicle, and information was given to their office.


Injuries to both parties in domestic incident

A 39-year-old Middleville woman said her 41-year-old boyfriend of five years assaulted her at 8:55 p.m. Oct. 9, in the 2000 block of Harwood Lake Road in Thornapple Township. The woman said they were both drinking and got into an argument at her father's house, where she had been taking care of her father after he had been in an accident. The woman said her boyfriend hit her and threw her to the ground. Police said that she had noticeable physical injuries. The officer contacted the boyfriend by phone. He denied hitting her; he said he was defending himself because she had attacked him. He sent the officer a photo of scratches on his face. Information was forwarded to the prosecutor's office.


Nashville man's truck keyed at Lakewood Schools

A 37-year-old Nashville man reported his truck was keyed while it was parked at Lakewood High School between 5:15 p.m. and 7 p.m. Oct. 1. The case is inactive without further information.


Truck goes missing, turns up with business card

A 51-year-old man reported a truck stolen from the 200 block of South Main Street in Nashville at 8:32 p.m. Sept. 22. The man said he had moved the truck about 20 minutes before he noticed it had been stolen; the keys were inside. The truck was located the next day at 12:53 p.m. in a field in the 7000 block of Saddlebag Lake Road in Woodbury. Inside was a business card for a local business. An officer contacted the owner of the business, who said the card had been given to a man at a gas station in Vermontville on Sept. 21. The description of the man is similar to the description of the victim's neighbor. The victim told police that his neighbor had made statements about taking trucks he finds that have the keys in them, and that he had asked if the nearby security cameras worked. The case remains under investigation.


Suspect for debit card theft signs own name on receipt

A 65-year-old man said he was parked at Thornapple Lake Public Access at 7:49 p.m. Sept. 21, when his vehicle was broken into. The man said he was out on the lake at the time, and heard a loud bang from the access area. When he returned, his passenger window had been broken and his wallet stolen. A debit card in the wallet was reported to have been used at a nearby store on Thornapple Lake Road. Two people came in together and bought more than $100 in cigarettes and beer with the card. An employee and the officer were able to identify one of the suspects. The other suspect, who had used the card, signed his own name on the receipt. That man had been arrested before, and the officer matched the booking photo to the security footage, and the receipt signature to forms he had filled out at the jail. The suspect, 27 of Hastings, was later arrested in Allegan County on an unrelated warrant.


$48 in cans stolen from Speedway

An employee of the Middleville Speedway called police at 2:50 a.m. Oct. 5 to report two bags of empty cans were stolen from the storage shed. Each bag is estimated to be worth $24. The case remains under investigation.


OWI suspect arrested leaving scene of the accident

An officer was dispatched on a report a of a vehicle in the ditch on Center Road near Powell Road in Hastings Charter Township at 8:26 p.m. Oct. 9. The caller said a man was walking away from the accident, and the officer found a man walking on the side of the road nearby. The man, 35, of Shelbyville, said it was not his vehicle, and he does not drink. He claimed his friend was driving, but the officer did not find any information on a person by that name in the area. The man later admitted the vehicle was his, but refused a Breathalyzer and sobriety tests. The officer noted two liquor bottles, one empty and the other partially full, in the vehicle. The man was arrested for OWI, his third offense, and resisted arrest by refusing, multiple times, to get inside the police cruiser. At the jail, he registered a 0.27 blood alcohol content.


Woman arrested for OWI after two car collision

An officer was dispatched to a two-car collision at the corner of Main Street and Irving Road in the Village of Middleville, at 3:08 p.m. Oct. 9. A 38-year-old Middleville woman was driving west on Main Street with her 68-year-old mother, and attempted to turn south on Irving Road, when they collided with a vehicle operated by a 54-year-old Hastings woman. The Middleville woman said she hadn't consumed any alcohol that day, but had consumed a significant amount the night before. She had a 0.12 blood alcohol content and was arrested for her third OWI offense.


Road rage incident over gator

A 64-year-old man was driving his John Deere Gator on Wilkins Road near Head Lake Road in Hope Township, when he was rear-ended by a pickup truck at 2:15 p.m. Oct. 12. The man said that Toyota truck had passed him on the road, then stopped and the driver got out of the vehicle. The two men “had some words,” and the Gator driver said he did not want trouble and kept driving. But, when he was stopped at a stop sign further up the road, the truck came up behind him and rear-ended him. The driver said the truck did not hit him hard, but he believed it was intentional, and it cracked the box of his Gator. The case is inactive without further information.


Dead cat deemed too macabre for Halloween decoration

The Barry County Animal Shelter notified police that it had received a complaint of a “gutted dead cat” displayed as a Halloween decoration on a porch in the 12000 block of Pine Lake Road in Prairieville Township. The property owner, a 56-year-old Wyoming man, said he had been digging near the foundations of the house when he found the “mummified” carcass. The man said he found it interesting, and put in on the porch. After the officer talked to the man, he put it in the back of his truck to take home and keep.


Woman attempts to shoplift $71.18 from Walmart

A 54-year-old Nashville woman was stopped by loss prevention staff at Walmart in Hastings at 6:48 p.m. Oct. 13. Staff showed an officer security footage of the woman stuffing necklaces, clothes and toiletries worth $71.18 into her coat and bag, and not paying for them. Information was forwarded to the prosecuting attorney.

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